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If you’ve signed up, you’ll probably want to do away with a few things before you start writing or publishing your content. Here’s how you can use your dashboard to customize your experience.

Know The Limit of Your Free Trial

If you’ve already subscribed to TypeStack while getting it, Great!

If not, at the top of your dashboard screen, you can see the days left for your free trial

Your free trial ends in…

Upgrade Your Account

Free is good, but upgrades are great. Upgrade your account and you’ll know what we are talking about!

All you have to do is:

  • Click on the upgrade button, on the top right of the screen
  • Choose your preferred plan
  • Go through the payment

Congratulations, you are now a subscriber.

View Your Blog

There’s nothing more assuring than reviewing everything you’ve created before it goes out to the audience. And you can do just that with Typestack.

  • Go to the top right corner of the dashboard screen
  • Click on the View Blog button

Just like that, you can preview your homepage, blogs, and various other content before you start publishing.

Start Typing

Now that you’ve explored the Dashboard, you can hop on to the best part, writing.

Below are the steps to start writing with TypeStack.

Click on Start Typing

  • Start typing the content
  • Your content will auto-save
  • Complete your blog settings
  • Click on Publish

That’s it, your content will be published.

Understand The Summary Of Your Blog

Once you publish your content on our platform, TypeStack gives you a summary of your blog on the Dashboard so that you can instantly get to know how many blog posts & pages you have published along with the number of categories created and the number of subscribers added (feature will be added soon).

Complete Your Blog Profile

Make sure you complete your profile, so your account is fully set up.

  • Click on don’t procrastinate button
  • Fill in your information
  • Save it


See Your Recent Blogs

On TypeStack’s dashboard, you’ll be able to see the recent blogs you have published.

Choose different themes

With TypeStack, you can choose different themes for your content; blogs, articles, newsletters, etc.

There are 3 different themes, where you can select the theme as per the topic or content.

ArtsyBest for Creators, Entrepreneurs, and Designers
VogueBest for Photographers, Podcasters, and Youtubers
TexticBest for Freelancers, Startups, and Coders

You’ve become a pro now! Go and make all the changes you want on your TypeStack profile

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